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It’s what I do.  It’s who I am.  It’s the thing that jolts me awake, when a story doesn’t know what time it is – it just knows that it needs to get out there.

It’s what I want to do.  It’s who I want to be.  It’s the thing that I’d like to do in the real time of the day, not just in little pockets of time that I scatter around like chicken feed.

It’s something I’d like to get paid for doing.  That way, when people say, “What do you do for a living?” I could respond, “I’m a writer,” without feeling the urge to attach a disclaimer.

But it is what I do for a living, at least for the part of living that matters.  The part that doesn’t have a price tag attached to it.

I write to vent.  I write to create.  I write to love.  I write to mend.  I write to connect.

I write because I want to write.  I write, because I want to live in a world where we get to do the thing that we love the most, because a world full of people doing what they love has got to be a better world than the one we have.  It’s the world we could have.

I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker – what does your five-minute Friday look like?

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She loves the rain.  She loves the sound, the smell, the peace, the cleansing, the newness, and the hope of it.


She does not like the complaining of the people who do not like it, but she understands.

She knows that life is inconvenient sometimes.

She knows that it is frustrating to plan for a day to go one way, only to have it go another way, without warning.

She understands, so she wants to listen, but their noise drowns out the rain.

So she nods, and she hopes that they will feel heard but also that they will go away and leave her to her bliss.

She is her mother’s daughter, as they share a low tolerance for whining, particularly regarding things that one can do nothing to change.

She is also her own person, though, so she understands.  And listens.  And looks forward to talking to the ones who will share her joy.

Maybe they will have a puddle party later.  Maybe they will invite everyone, even the naysayers, and help them turn their bleak day into dancing.

She hopes.

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